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Our Projects.

The Projects listed below are a sample of the various projects Northland Construction has been currently developing and have been successful in completing.

Our client wanted a solar power system that provided them with electricity throughout the day and for most of the year. The system was designed to supply 100% of their energy needs with a little left over.

Our client is glad to have a construction project to use as a tax write-off. The panels are currently going up just outside their house here in Northern Michigan.

“Wayne and his crew do high-quality work. We are delighted with the construction of the large, robust wooden frame and installing 32 solar panels to the frame by Northland Construction. We will be using them shortly for a large pole barn project. We highly recommend Northland Construction, LLC to anyone for their building projects. You will not be disappointed.”

Got a question? Call us at: (989) 390-5030


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